How projects are structured

4 key points characterize a Federation space project:


  • Identification of the project and characterization of its objectives
  • Constitution of the team: list of members and its organization. It is recommended to provide for redundancy in functions, in case of absence of some members and to avoid possible problems of resilience. Beware of the "leader" aspect of the project in a hobbyist associative model, it is preferable to focus on who does what.
  • Project description: state of knowledge, methodology (planning, milestones, deliverables), hard points including budgetary resources.
  • List of resources needed: skills, materials and equipment, budget

Each project has 2 stages:

  1. The idea: here it is a question of exposing one's idea and making it mature. This stage is very flexible, without any particular formalism, to collect a maximum of feedback, and is mainly carried out on the forum.
  2. The project as such: this phase is divided into 2 stages:
    • the pre-project: this is the structuring phase of the project and serves as a transition from the idea to the project. The objective of this phase is to describe the project as indicated above, and to validate that all the conditions are required for qualification as a project. It gives access to all the project tools proposed by Fédération, and support can be provided to help with formalization. The level of information required is provided on the Participate > Getting Started page of the platform, namely :
      •  Project description (why contribute?): clearly present the project, its motivations. Give initial specifications. Summarize a quick research on what already exists similar in open sourc
      • Technical or functional organization chart (on which part can I contribute?): give a breakdown of the "system" and "sub-systems" (for each part under development sub-projects can be created)
      • Road-map with the main milestones (when can I participate?): the notion of duration is all the more important in an amateur project. Milestones could be dates at which the open source documentation is published. The link of the project with space will also have to appear, more exactly the interest for space.
    • the project: this phase gives access to a showcase space with in particular the access to all the publications, and the possibility to ask for a Federation support (material, competences, financial). A level of requirement is required (link 1), with or without a request for funding

Concerning the constitution of a "Funding Application", it can be formalized on the project space of the platform, without any separate document (a "Funding Application" framework could suffice).

The funding criteria to support a given project will also have to appear in a very transparent way on the platform.

Creation cycle summary

Advancing from pre-project to projet

This structuring is only necessary if the project requests financial support from Fédération. If it uses other sources of funding, there is no requirement on how to structure the project space.


Current project level
Desired level of completion for this request: description of the lock (technical, financial, legal, etc.) that the financial support allows to be lifted and which allows the project team to reach a state of sufficient maturity to publish the sources of the project


Detailed planning of next steps (tasks/sub-tasks described with leaders and participants / detailed resources)


Implementation methodology
Development strategy
Identification of required technologies
Difficulty points to lift


Total cost
Detailed cost per task/subtask
Financial Resources Required
% of self-financing and other resources
Support expected from the Federation


Selection process for funding

It is the association's Project Circle that makes the decision to financially support a project, based on the criteria made public. The deliberations leading to the decision must be clearly published.