Open Space Makers

The association Open Space Makers was missioned by The National French Space Agency (CNES) to develop and support the Federation initiative. It is a non-profit association composed of volunteers.

Its mission is to open up the ecosystem of space infrastructure while giving every citizen the agency and access to the knowledge necessary to participate in the process of creating our future world.

In particular, it aims to create, support and animate a community of knowledge and know-how about opensource space hardware developed and manufactured in distributed, participatory and responsible manner.

To make this possible, the association acts in several different ways:

  • Federates a variety of different steakholders around space projects
  • Forges partnerships with already existing entities to build a national and international digital network anchored in local third-paces close to each citizen
  • Develops collaboration tools like the Open Space Makers web platform for documentation and project management, open design, knowledge sharing and production
  • Builds an open contribution framework based on The Federation Charter. The charter allows for a transparent collaboration between traditional actors of the space industry like public institutions, laboratories and companies based on propritary developement methodologies and the open source makers community
  • Disseminates the work done by its members
  • Ensures that any space project is supported as long as it complies with the "FEDERATION Charter" and the national legislation. It also provides the appropriate advice to achieve it.

By registering on the Federation platform and accepting The Federation Charter, you become a member of the association. It is also possible to become an active member and to contribute directly to the development of the Federation's "infrastructure" by becoming a spokesperson for the initiative, contributing to the development and improvement of the web platform and The Federation Charter. If you wish to become an active member, please contact us by email at

The association's members are spread throughout France and it occupies a dedicated space within the hackerspace Electrolab where it is officially domiciled.