CNES - Founding Advisor

The Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), at the origin of the Federation initiative, supports the development and animation of the Federation - Open Space Makers ecosystem. Thanks to its historical role, it is the "Founding Advisor" of the Federation. He accompanies the Open Space Makers association and in particular he ensures the respect of the Federation Charter.

The CNES and Open Space Makers have also signed a framework agreement of collaboration, which you can find a summary on this page.


The partners of the Federation

The partners are part of the Federation - Open Space Makers ecosystem. They contribute with the means at their disposal to the development of the initiative and the diffusion of its values. To join the partners, contact us!


The Association Aéronautique et Astronautique de France (3AF) is the French Learned Society whose mission is to bring together people concerned by the sciences and techniques of Aeronautics and Astronautics, to develop an important source of specialized information, to constitute a forum that allows its members to make known their point of view and their work, and to represent all of its members to other scientific and technical societies.


The purpose of AMSAT-Francophone is to develop the amateur service by satellite and in space, especially for French-speaking countries. It provides support to radio amateurs and amateurs to enable them to operate amateur radio satellites.

Its vocation is to carry out, supervise or advise on astronautic (e.g. satellites, launchers, ...) or aeronautical projects related to astronautic and aeronautical techniques carried out by amateurs or educational organizations.

Planet Mars Association

The Association Planète Mars is the French branch of the Mars Society. It promotes a resolute, consistent and balanced exploration of Mars, for the benefit of the multiple scientific fields concerned and for the preparation of man's stay on this planet, with a specific French and European orientation. It recognizes that the pursuit of these efforts must be carried out in international cooperation, as such an undertaking constitutes a political tool of choice for the harmonious development of nations and can only be conceived on a large scale, in the name and for the benefit of humanity as a whole.


Laboratory, makerspace, workshop, large collective garage, these terms all describe us a bit without being exact or exhaustive. Located in Nanterre in the Hauts-de-Seine, Electrolab is above all a non-profit association whose purpose is the sharing of knowledge in the field of science and technology. 

Electrolab was one of the very first supporters of the Federation!

Fab Lab Château-Thierry

Promote digital and innovation in the Château-Thierry area and the southern Aisne. Disseminate, popularize and promote digital technologies related to physical and industrial production. To enable companies to print prototypes of objects.

Since 2018, the Fab Lab of Château-Thierryhosts a "Space section" whose objective is to introduce astromodelism to the youngest and to develop vectors for the most seasoned. And since 2020, the Fab Lab hosts a Federation antenna!


OuiShare is a community, a gas pedal of ideas and projects dedicated to the emergence of the collaborative society: a society based on principles of openness, collaboration, trust and value sharing.



The ARCHES scientific network is the disruptive network on architectures in extreme environments. At the crossroads between architecture, technology, culture and environment, the ARCHES RST aims to generate knowledge and innovations of disruption by confronting the boundary conditions generated by extreme environments such as space and planets of the solar system, oceans and submarine universes, high mountains, deserts or ice caps of our planet ...


Created by the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (FIM), located in Puteaux/La Défense (Hauts de Seine), the SUPii Mécavenir Association aims to train the future executives of the industry, called to take part in the life of an industrial product from its conception to its marketing and recycling.

As part of the partnership between Mécavenir and Open Space Makers, students are involved in educational projects on the design and prototyping of rovers and water extractors for Mars.


TechForSpace is an international non-profit association based in Toulouse. Its main objective is to bring together the general public and the aerospace sector. We do this by carrying out engineering and scientific projects related to aerospace following an open source philosophy. This means that all our progress, project difficulties, source codes, opportunities and ideas are shared through our website. We also try to use our projects as a basis for educational articles.