FEDERATION Open Space Makers


Our vision : Open space for everyone 

Our mission is to lead the way to an open space ecosystem, 

while giving every citizen agency and access to knowledge and know-how necessary to participate in the process of creating our future world. We believe that the necessary knowledge and hardware can be developed and produced collaboratively, openly and responsibly.


The Charter

A frame for the open source space hardware manufacturing projects

The "Federation" charter fomalizes the commitments taken by Open Space Makers association to answer its objectives and the rules that shall be abbided by the contributors willing to be part of "federation". 
It covers all the project lifecycle and formalizes the main principles enabling to participate to or create one or several projects, to put at disposal ressources, and contribute to the creation, sharing or diffusion of the know-how and knowledge.

This Charter is built on the principles and key values of federation: collaborating, inclusion, open, sustainability, responsibility, benevolence.



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Thematic groups

Exploration de la Lune

Exploration de la Lune

Imaginer des profils de mission et contribuer à la future « reconquête » de la Lune en aidant les entreprises à se lancer dans le …

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Exploration de Vénus

Exploration de Vénus

Pour échanger sur les idées de missions possibles vers Vénus, sur les connaissances actuelles de cette planète dont l'orbite est la plus proche de la …

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