The association is organized around circles, composed of active members, according to the principles of holacracy.

The circles created to date within the Association are:


  • Anchor circle: it defines and updates the association's raison d'être, and decides on the creation or abolition of other circles to carry out the missions described in the association's statutes
  • Communication circle: which has the role of managing the external communication of the Federation: feeding the social network accounts, organizing participation in events, managing press relations, managing the regular feeding of the blog.
  • International circle: dedicated first to multilingual aspects, as well as to all subjects related to collaboration between citizens of different countries within the Federation framework. Its working language is English
  • "Garden" circle: is responsible for the animation and development of the Federation Garden.
  • Mixity and Inclusion circle: it aims to increase diversity in projects by working on concrete actions to be put in place to promote the start up and development of women in the framework of the Federation.
  • Pedagogy circle: which has the role of defining policies and methods for welcoming new members, and of creating and making available tutorials, MOOCs and other tools for sharing know-how and knowledge.
  • Platform circle: which is in charge of looking for improvements to be made to the web platform
  • Projects circle: which acts as a general think-tank for projects, particularly on documentation methods, on the link with space, and on support methods for projects.
  • Regulation circle: This circle aims to support projects in the analysis of components subject to export control, to liaise with the corresponding authorities and to supervise the reflection on the creation of a specific Federation license for the needs of sensitive projects.

Each circle has a "First Link", an active member in charge of conducting meetings and liaising with the other circles, who can define the circle's priorities and strategy. 

Would you like to join one of the circles? Go to the forum dedicated to the life of the association and introduce yourself!