Funding your project

One of the Federation's objectives is to support the development of the various projects, in particular through financial aid. Starting around a thousand euros, they should allow projects to concretely measure the characteristics and performance of their open source designs.

It can be for example purchases of equipment for the construction of demonstrators, investments in measurement equipment, subcontracting costs for the manufacture of parts whose design has been made by the team (e.g. electronic cards), ...


Only active projects that have detailed their strategy on their project page are eligible for support. In its application, the team must :

  • Explain what the material is going to be used for and how it helps to accomplish the objectives defined previously for the project
  • Document a bill of materials detailing the purchases that will be made with the funding.
  • Active Federation members (without conflict of interest) will then be approached by the project circle to discuss the admissibility of the application and engage in dialogue with the applicants.


The beneficiary team undertakes to subsequently document the achievements made and share a synthesis of the results and conclusions. Except in special cases, this must be able to serve as a basis for the publication of an open source documentation by associating it with the list of equipment, assembly plans, procedures etc.


The objective of this approach is to ensure a sufficient level of maturity in the reflection, in order to allocate the Federation's resources as efficiently as possible, while remaining in conformity with the spirit of openness and benevolence at the heart of our Charter.

It is also an opportunity for dialogue with experienced Federation members with visibility on different projects, in order to detect opportunities for mutualization and experience sharing.