Export control regulations

Export control regulations

Export controls have been put in place at the national and international levels to combat arms proliferation. These are the rules that regulate arms transfers and exports (embargo, restrictions, etc.).

By transfer and export, we mean any exchange of equipment, software, technology, know-how, information, etc. between people located in different territories (or of different nationalities).

It applies to goods, technology and software transferred in tangible or intangible form, whether specially designed or modified for military use or not.

The scope of this control is very broad and includes in a large majority of components of a space project, whether it is a project carried by an industry or an association, for example a project developed within the framework of the Federation.

This regulation is likely to apply to some Federation projects. Consequently, the Federation association accompanies the projects in their compliance with these regulations. These regulations vary from country to country, so far the Open Space Makers association has focused its work on French and European Union export control regulations.

For each Federation project, we invite project leaders and their members to become familiar with the export control regulations and to carry out an analysis of the components that may be subject to these regulations.


A quick tour of the applicable regulations

Three regulations apply in France:

  • French regulations for war material and similar material

To learn more: You can find all the regulations on the website of the Ministry of Economy and Finance


  • The European regulation for dual-use goods

For more information: Regulation (EC) 428/2009 is the reference text


  • US regulations for US military and dual-use goods 

Sensitive export control regimes also take the form of interstate agreements that establish common guidelines for evaluating license applications and lists of controlled items.

For more information: https://sbdu.entreprises.gouv.fr/fr/sbdu/regimes-internationaux-et-cooperations-matiere-de-biens-double-usage