Creating and managing a project

When you launch a project within the Federation framework, there are two aspects to consider :

  •     the technical creation and provision of collaboration and project management tools

  •     the organization and management of the project, its structuring and the way the team will work.


We strongly recommend that you read all of the recommendations proposed here before getting started. Limiting yourself to the "tooling" aspect of the project is risking not giving the team members the necessary reference points so that they can get involved in the long term and efficiently in order to achieve the project's objective.


The first step in launching a project is to start a discussion on the forum, in the Projects category. Then be sure to follow the instructions in "How to start your own project".

Create your project on the platform

Once you have started the discussion on the forum and gathered initial feedback, go to theProjects page and click on the "New Project" button in the top right corner of the project list.

The step-by-step steps are detailed on this project creation tutorial

Managing your Federation project

Now that your project is published on the platform, members are starting to join it, how do you get organized to move it forward?

We have detailed on this page of the Federation wiki the good practices resulting from the functioning of the projects.

Structuring your project

When you approach a complex project, its structuring is a key point to bring it to a successful conclusion, keeping the project team motivated and united. We have not yet found within Federation the magic recipe, but you will find in this news a certain number of tracks, stemming from the experience of other projects.