CNES - Founding Advisor

The French Space Agency (CNES), in which the Federation initiative incubated, supports the development and animation of the Federation - Open Space Makers ecosystem. Thanks to its historical role, it is the Federation "Founding Advisor." It accompanies the Open Space Makers non-profit outfit, and in particular ensures that the Federation Charter is respected.


Federation Partners

The Federation partners are part of the Federation - Open Space Makers ecosystem. They contribute with their own means to the initiative development and to spreading its values. To join the partners, contact us!


(3AF) is the French Wise Society whose mission is to gather people concerned with aeronautics and aerospace science and technics, to develop a wide source of specialized information, to create a tribune which allows each of its members to share their point of views and their works, and to represent all of its members in front of other scientific and technical societies.


The objective is to develop amateur satellite service and in space, in particular for French-speaking countries. It provides to radioamateurs and amateurs the support needed to run radioamateurs satellites.

It aims at realizing, managing ou advising astronautical or aeronautical projects (eg satellites, launchers...), in relation with astronautical and aeronautical technics realized by amateurs or educational outfits.


The Electrolab is a hackerspace located in Nanterre, in the Paris area in France. It is a non profit outfit whose main objective is to share knowledge in the area of sciences and technics.

The Electrolab was one of the very first supporters of Federation!


 is a community, an idea and project accelerator, dedicated to the emergence of a collaborative society: a society based on principles of openness, collaboration, trust and value sharing.