By accepting the Federation Charter, Open Space Makers members commit themselves in particular to the following elements, under the value of "Responsibility":

Compliance with space regulations and standards

The mission of the OSM Association is to promote compliance with the applicable regulations. The projects carried out within the framework of Federation will have to be carried out in the
compliance with the regulations in force.

To achieve this, the OSM Association is committed to giving all stakeholders with indications of actions that can be taken, or not, be carried out in accordance with the regulations in force.

It will be particularly vigilant with regard to compliance with these rules.



Three main areas of regulation have been identified in the early years of the initiative, which require particular attention from all members:

  • export controls: set up at national and international level, they aim to combat the proliferation of weapons. These are the rules that regulate arms transfers and exports (embargoes, restrictions, etc.)

These regulations are likely to apply to certain Federation projects. Consequently, the Federation association supports projects in their compliance with these regulations. 


  • intellectual property: the fact that the work carried out within the framework of Federation is open source does not mean that constant attention must be paid to this subject.

Depending on the Resources used, there are different intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, designs, etc.) that may frame their inclusion in Federation Projects. These rights may be extended by specific contractual agreements.


  • regulations concerning pyrotechnics and other dangerous test methods: certain projects carried out within the Federation framework, including the development of rocket engines, require special precautions when implementing test vectors. It is essential before any experimentation in these fields to get closer to the Regulatory Circle in order to co-determine the methods of implementation, in safety, of this experimentation.