Becoming Active Member

When you register on the platform, you notably accept the general terms and conditions and indicate your adherence to the Federation Charter, and then become a User Member. To get more involved in the Open Space Makers association, it is also possible to become an Active Member, as defined in the statutes of the association.

Active Members have the general role of promoting and developing the Federation - Open Space Makers initiative.


This includes in particular the following activities:


  • Being ambassador of Federation, through interventions in fablabs / hackerspaces or any other place, relaying news via social network accounts and other networks, physical and digital, of which the active member is a part.
  • Contribute to the development of the Federation "infrastructure", by being an active participant in the process of continuous improvement of the web platform, communication tools and strategies, and more generally of the activities carried out by the association in the service of the Federation's objectives.
  • To be the privileged point of contact within the Open Space Makers association of one or more of the fablabs / industrial / institutional / partners members of the Federation Garden
  • Sponsorship of newcomers on the web platform : The sponsor will be the privileged point of contact for the newcomer's questions, and will help to discern concrete actions to be implemented to get involved in such or such project, or to start his own project. It will also be a privileged system of feedback on the platform and the Federation initiative, and will fully contribute to the continuous improvement system.

To become an active member, print the membership form available here and send a scanned or photographed version to (mailing list limited to the members of the association's office). 

The bank account details of the association will then be sent to you to make the transfer of 10€ for the annual subscription of active members. Alternatively, you can also pay online by credit card on our Hello Asso page

And then, let's go to contribute to the development of the Federation!

And now that I am an active member?

Ready to take your first actions? We have created a dedicated page to accompany you in your first steps!