Getting started

How to join an existing project?

Read the page dedicated to projects, follow the discussions on the dedicated forum, and start participating in the conversation.

Contact the project team leader indicating your motivation to join the project! Just send him a private message through the forum.

How to start your own project?

Start by gathering your thoughts in the forum dedicated to project ideas! This will allow you to contribute to the development of your concept and to collect feedback from other Open Space Makers. It can help in finding other members interested in joining your project team.

Once the outline has been complited, go to the "New project page" and start a new project. Fill in the requested fields. Write synthetic descriptions and be as clear as possible. Once you are finished your project will be submitted for approval to an active member.

When your project gets approved, you will have access to a dedicated as administrator page. Now you will be able to edit the content and to moderate your project's forum.

Click here for a detailed explanation

In the next iterations of the platform, the following additions are planned:

  1. Possibility of making a project "private" with only project team members having the access to the forum and the dedicated pages. With only a description page will be visible to other Open Space Makers
  2. File sharing and collaborative publishing space
  3. Creating subprojects within a project

I have no skills to lead or participate in a project! Where to start?

Federation is open to everyone, you dont need have any prevous technical nor management training. We recommend that you visit the LEARN page.