What actions can I take as Open Space Makers Active Member?

You have decided to become an active member of the Open Space Maker association? Great!

Now, what are the concrete actions you can take?

An entry point is the association's task list in the dedicated OpenProject.

As this can be intimidating, and not necessarily very readable by someone starting as an active member, here is a list of recurring tasks that you can take to contribute to the initiative, classified according to the time you have available.


I have 5 minutes to devote to Federation

  • I share on social networks one of the posts made by the association's accounts (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • I browse the forum in search of a topic from a user member that has not been answered, and I propose a help/track to answer it.


I have 30 minutes

  • I go through the list of the association's circles, and find out about the circle I want to join, especially through its forum and NextCloud, then I contact the First Link of the circle to join it.
  • I add an article in the knowledge base
  • I have been browsing a project space without forum activity for a few months, and contact the referent to offer my help to relaunch or advance the project.
  • I contact companies in my network to publicize the initiative and possible partnerships.

I have 2 hours