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Open space for everyone

Federation is an initiative instigated by the National French Space Agency (CNES). Its mission is to open up the ecosystem of space infrastructure while giving every citizen the agency and access to the knowledge necessary to participate in the process of creating our future world. We believe that the necessary knowledge and hardware can be developed and produced collaboratively, openly and responsibly.

We are open to everyone who wants to contribute in the creation of an open infrastructure meeting conteprorary challenges such as: protection of our planet, atmosphere and univers, space habitat, sciance and reaserche, space culture and education.We develop our community on line and in fablabs, makerspaces, hackerspaces and anywhere where collaborative manufacturing tools are available.

A participatory approach

To make this possible, the association "Open Space Makers" develops, animates and supports an innovative open ecosystem through:

  • developement of collaboration tools for documentation and project management, open design, knowledge sharing and production.
  • animation of a community based on existing makerspaces (fablabs, hackerspaces, etc.) - support and accompaniment in the realization of projects
  • the construction of an open contribution framework : The Federation Charter. The charter allows for a transparent collaboration between traditional actors of the space industry like public institutions, laboratories and companies based on propritary developement methodologies and the open source makers community. 

An Open Source space ecosystem

The Federation Open Space Makers is the natural ecosystem for all those who want to contribute to the development and democratization of open source space projects. An open ecosystem built on a network of partners and contributors federated around the association Open Space Makers are sharing the key values ​​of : collaboration, inclusion, openness, sustainability, responsibility, benevolence. 


Do you want to get started? We invite you to visit the Getting started page.