GarageSat is a smartphone game which aim is to conquer a new planet building communication and observation satellites


What is it?

GarageSat is a game for people like you, space passionates and interested in engineering or science.

GarageSat is a free open-source game being developed for Android and iOS to be compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It is being conceived as well in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and French), even if in the very first version only English will be available.

Beta version is expected to be available in 2021.

The story

You have just landed on an unknown planet and your objectif is to discover as much as you can to make from it the new home for humankind.

To achieve this goal, you will have to complete all the different missions building observation satellites to discover and master the planet geography: continents, seas, mountains,... and telecom satellites to create and interconnect villages and cities where people will live.

Little by little you will be discovering this new world and making possible more people living in there!

The missions 

Two different missions are available in GarageSat today:

  • Telecom missions
  • Observation missions

While doing a telecom mission you will be asked to build a telecom satellite and while doing an observation mission you will need to build an observation satellite, pretty logical, doesn't it? :)

Each mission, however, will have a different reward once it is completed! Depending on the difficulty of the mission and on the satellite components you will earn points to unlock more powerful satellite components still locked on a "R&D Lab", you will need them, believe me!

Be careful! Completing a mission can be quite difficult depending on what you put in your satellite! The "Garage" will be the place to build your satellite and this will determine the difficulty of the mini-game that you will have to succeed afterwards. Thus, it is quite important to pay attention on what you choose, otherwise, the mission could become a veeeeery complicated task. 

As you can see, it is expected from you to act as what you are, a real space master! ;)

GarageSat missions are fully inspired on real-life satellite scenarios as well as the different elements that you will have to use to build your satellites.

Satellite components

To assemble your satellite you will find different type of components:

  • Energy: will provide you the necessary energy that you will need on your satellite to accomplish the mission 
  • Structure: will limit the type of components that you can include on your satellite (high level components will need high level structures)
  • Control: will ensure that your satellite don't get lost in space and focus the energy where your mission is needed 
  • Thermal: will guarantee that your satellite stays in the good temperature in space (not too cold not too hot, otherwise your components could be affected!)
  • Payload: it is the only component which makes the difference between an observation and a telecom satellite. This component can provide, depending on the satellite type: low speed internet connection (3G), high speed internet connection (5G), infrared or optical camera,...