SG[France] 2019


Fédération est partenaire du SG[France] 2019, évènement organisé par le Space Generation Advisory Council, centré autour d'un atelier sur le thème challenges of the future Lunar human activity in the line of “Moon for @all.”

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Description issue du site de SG[France] :

The next International Paris Air Show 2019 will take place from the 17th to the 23rd of June in Le Bourget, France. This event is a major gathering of all Aeronautical and Space actors. Moreover, this year is the 50th anniversary of the arrival of Mankind on the Moon, the 20th anniversary of SGAC, as well as the preparation year for the upcoming International Astronautical Congress in Paris in 2021.

For this occasion, SGAC is announcing the first edition of SG[France], a local declination of its famous Space Generation Congress, which will welcome space enthusiasts from all backgrounds in Paris on 16-17 June 2019!

The first SG[France] is divided into two parts. On the 16th of June, all delegates are invited to participate in the Moon Workshop about the challenges of the future Lunar human activity in the line of “Moon for @all”. The group discussions will focus on three main topics connected to the Moon: industry-architecture-robotics, economics-open source, and culture. The 17th of June is the professional day as well as the first day of the Paris Air Show Event. All participants will have the opportunity to visit the Exhibition Center of Le Bourget and discover the presentation stands of today’s biggest aerospace industries.

Attention: SG[France] will be held mainly in French !

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