Grenoble Space Week

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Fédération sera présentée lors de la Grenoble Space Week, ainsi que le projet Miniloop de catapulte électromagnétique.


Quelques détails sur cet évènement, dont la langue officielle est l'anglais :


The Grenoble University Space Center (CSUG) organizes a scientific and industrial workshop during the Grenoble NewSpace Week from 14 until 17 May 2019.

NewSpace is the term used for a new development in the design and operation of space missions that diverges from the traditional mode of operations previously established by national space agencies. Driven by the arrival of small (nano-) satellite systems and launch capabilities, non-traditional actors such as universities and small to medium sized enterprises have been given access to space. Initially focused on training a new generation of space engineers, notably through student projects involving the CubeSat standard, developments over the past few years have been towards more and more ambitious missions with real scientific, societal, and commercial returns. 

CubeSats have been developed for Low Earth Orbit operation with the purpose of, among others, Earth Observation, Climate, Satellite communications, Astronomy and Space Weather studies; and even an interplanetary mission to Mars. 

This workshop focuses on the advanced payloads, subsystem designs, their standardization, and supporting technology like data management, data analysis, and artificial intelligence that together make highly ambitious NewSpace missions possible. As such it addresses an audience of students, educators, policy makers, scientists and engineers in the NewSpace domain.

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