Convention between CNES and Open Space Makers

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On October 4, 2019, CNES and Open Space Makers signed a framework collaboration agreement. You will find here the main lines of this agreement.


The objective of the Convention between Open Space Makers and CNES is to set a framework for collaboration, based on the Federation Charter, allowing :

  • CNES to benefit from the Federation collaborative environment;
  • Open Space Makers to reinforce the expertise of the Federation community through the participation of CNES in the realization of projects.

To this end, three areas of collaboration have been identified:

  • To support the development and implementation of existing or new Federation projects;
  • create, share and disseminate space-related know-how and knowledge between the amateur community and CNES staff;
  • to carry out joint actions allowing the emergence of new spatial concepts likely to be developed in a collaborative way.


The duration of the Agreement is three years. It was signed on October 4, 2019.

The CNES intervenes mainly by proposing or contributing to Federation space projects that it considers relevant or by participating in community exchanges on cross-cutting themes. The contributions and results resulting from the collaboration are documented on the collaborative platform

This agreement is concluded without any exchange of funds. Each party shall be responsible for and finance the material means and human resources that it brings to the realization of the actions implemented within the framework of the Convention.

In cases requiring funding from CNES to Open Space Makers, the cooperation is implemented contractually in the form of specific contracts that are drawn up according to the rules in force applicable to CNES and that cover the terms and conditions of the Convention.

Open Space Makers and CNES meet at least once a year to monitor the implementation of the Convention and ensure the emergence of projects. For this purpose, Fabio Mainolfi has been appointed representative of CNES, and Damien Hartmann representative of Open Space Makers.